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Salt Therapy for Asthma


Luca A, Leicester

"My name is Luca and I am 14 years old. 

I have been attending the Salt Clinic in Milton Keynes for over a year and I highly recommend it. I am asthmatic and used to frequently need antibiotics for chest infections before my Mum heard about the benefits of salt therapy.


I can happily say that next month marks 14 months of no antibiotics! I do still use inhalers for sports and use a daily preventer inhaler but not having awful chest infections that could go on for several weeks is a huge benefit. 

I also had a skin condition which I suffered very badly with and that has totally cleared up too. 

You could say that it's changed my life for the better and it honestly has. I also sleep much better too! 

Salt therapy is a way of life for me, I look forward to coming and relaxing for an hour. Chris and Linh people who run the place are really lovely and welcoming too."

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