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Salt Therapy for Asthma


Darren H, East Riding of Yorkshire

"I suffer from asthma and ever since I was young if I caught a cold, it would always affect my chest.


In 2002 I stayed in a hotel with a steam room, then I found out the steam being expelled was salt water! It made my lungs feel so wonderful and my breathing improved.


After experiencing the salty steam, I researched for something similar in Yorkshire, but unfortunately at that time there was nothing in Yorkshire or the north of England.


My first visit to the Salt Cave in Milton Keynes was in 2004, which later became Salt Clinic MK. I had read an article about salt therapy and salt rooms having a similar effect as the salty stream I had experienced, so decided to visit the salt cave in Old Stratford for a free trial.


The experience was wonderful and I felt much better. After speaking with Chris and Linh, I purchased 30 sessions package. This made it feasible for me to book 4 sessions for each visit.


I would have two sessions the day I arrive and stay overnight at the travel lodge close by, then another two sessions the next morning before the drive home. I’ve been doing this for 9 years and I’ve just bought another block of sessions.


The salt therapy has worked wonders for me and helped 100 %. I would just like to thank Chris and Linh for all their help over the years and just wish the Salt Clinic was on my doorstep."

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